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Precision Manufacturing Since 1972

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From hydroelectricity to liquid natural gas, Stewart Tool outperforms the competition with our quality products and superior customer service. Whether it is a concept, final assembly, or any level in between, we have the technology and know-how to develop precision components. From gas to green energy, Stewart Tool has the experience to help you succeed in the energy industry.
Stewart Tool has been serving the Aerospace industry since 1972. With our attention to detail, we pride ourselves on delivering precision machined components and complex assemblies. Whether you need molds for rocket propellants or structural aeronautic parts, Stewart Tool can meet your needs with our long history of precision, quality and traceability.
Defense suppliers rely on Stewart Tool to deliver the highest quality products while maintaining a quick turnaround. We have had the privilege to partner with the defense industry on a wide variety of projects. Everything from parts for smarts bombs to hydraulic floor jacks for Seawolf submarines, we pride ourselves on delivering quality parts, on time, and within budget.
Whether it be air, sea or ground travel, don’t let the competition pass you by. Stewart Tool has the technology and qualifications to manufacture the parts and assemblies you need. From trains and planes, to off-highway trucks, we provide a broad range of capabilities that will allow you to be competitive in an ever changing market.
With Stewart Tool’s highly skilled staff and precision capabilities, we produce high quality equipment and instruments that meet the growing demand in the medical industry. We conduct complex, multi-part builds such as CAT scanners and robotic arms. Stewart Tool can help you design your products for cost reduction and manufacturability.
With constantly evolving security threats, safety is a global concern. Stewart Tool fabricates, assembles, and services state of the art security systems worldwide. Our dedicated assembly and testing facility gives us the ability to help your company improve and develop new security systems. Have confidence in your products and know they were built to the highest standards.